Mobile Emergency Response Pendant

Feel safe wherever you are with the Notifi911+

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One device, instant safety.

Reach out to emergency services at the press of a button!

One-button operation

In the case of an emergency, all you need to do is press and hold the device button one time and your Notifi911+ will immediately connect you to emergency services.

Direct connection to 911

We understand the importance of time in critical situations. That's why the Notifi911+ connects you directly to a 911 emergency operator.

Long lasting charge

The Notifi911+ has a long lasting battery that can be charged with the help of an AC adapter.


The Notifi911+ is designed to be worn as a pendant. It is lightweight, yet durable enough.

Water resistant

The Notifi911+ is water resistant, so you can take it whenever you are out and about.

Built-in speaker

The Notifi911+ has a built-in speaker which ensures clear communication between you and the 911 operator.

Truly yours.

Pay once and use your device without any limitations.






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Frequently asked questions.

And their answers.

Do I need a landline to use this unit?

No, you don't need a telefone to use your unit, since the Notifi911+ itself is a cellular phone.

How will 911 know my location?

When calling 911 during an emergency, immediately tell your location to the 911 operator.

How does Notifi911+ work?

Press and hold the red button to speak directly to a 911 responder in case of an emergency.

What is the product's warranty?

All Notifi911+ units come with a one year limited warranty.